How should the U.S. handle the Ebola outbreak?

The Obama administration laid out new guidelines to monitor travelers exposed to Ebola. They are calling for voluntary isolation and monitoring. These guidelines came after numerous states created their own rules with how to deal with the outbreak. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s administration, imposed mandatory quarantines last week, and held a nurse in a tent in a Newark hospital for several days before allowing her to be privately transported to her home in Maine. Kaci Hickox, returned to the U.S. after working with Doctors Without Borders in Sierra Leone. Christie was unapologetic saying, “I understand that she didn’t want to be there, she made that very clear from the beginning, but my obligation is to all of the people of New Jersey, and we’re just going to continue to do that.” With the panic of an Ebola outbreak setting in how do you think various states and the U.S. government should handle the Ebola outbreak?


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