Turkey Announces It Will Aid Kurdish forces fighting the ISIS in Syria

On Monday, the Turkish foreign minister announced that Turkey would aid the Iraqi Kuridish forces, also known as the pesh merga, that are fighting militants from the Islamic State. The Islamic State, known as the ISIS or ISIL, has sieged and attacked the Syrian town of Kobani for over a month. This was an important decision because it shows that the Turkish government has shifted their decision to ban fighters or weapons from crossing its border. In a news conference, the Turkish foreign minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, said that the Turkish government was “helping the pesh merga cross over to Kobani.” This announcement, as well as the Unites States’ decision to airdrop weapons and supplies to the Iraqi Kurdish forces, shows the mounting international pressure to push back the Islamic State militants. US Secretary of State John Kerry said, “We have undertaken a coalition effort to degrade and destroy ISIL, and ISIL is presenting itself in major numbers in this place called Kobani.” Polat Can, a spokesman for the Kurdish fighters in Syria, said that the Kurdish forces were anticipating more airdrops in the next week.


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