442718_dce0a0120c3941579ae28ad2cb7b93f5.png_srz_538_537_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srzAs a kid my grandparent’s house was my favorite place in the world. I love everything about it; the smell of food cooking in the kitchen, the feel of their old leather couches, the run down red barn where my childhood horse lives. It was the most perfect place to me. Even though I have grown up a lot, the memories of my grandparent’s house will always make the place very special to me. What’s your favorite place?
@courtphoto: Something about the being in Paris just makes me happy. Even if I can’t stay here 😦 #favoriteplaceintheworld

@cassieb_24: Countdown: 25 days.. #newyork #favoriteplaceintheworld

@xo_LoveTricia: Miami next weekend . . #FavoritePlaceInTheWorld ..

@Annie_Merz15: Nothing else matters now because I AM HOME! There is no better feeling than walking into your own home. #favoriteplaceintheworld

@viccarmouche: Definitely living in Colorado when I’m older❄️⛄️🎿🏂 #favoriteplaceintheworld

@erin_lucia: can i please just live in colorado? #favoriteplaceintheworld

@JoeSalome Officially checking out and heading to @SanibelIslandca ! 1st trip since honeymoon we are by ourselves. #favoriteplaceintheworld #beach

@callieorizotti: So excited to go to Montana next week #favoriteplaceintheworld

@tmeganelizabeth: I feel like I’m in Prague, take me back now please #favoriteplaceintheworld (@ Little Bohemia)

@AnnaKlar: Up north #favoriteplaceintheworld

‏@k_armstrong13: Rhode Island sunset #favoriteplaceintheworld

@BreDerp: I wish I could stay in Yellowstone forever 😍 #favoriteplaceintheworld

‏@AdamBogie: Only 16 days until I’ll be here.. #favoriteplaceintheworld #Honduras

@thewanginator: See ya later America, Taiwan bound for the summer! ✌✈☀ #favoriteplaceintheworld

@Allison_Holt_: Can I stay forever? #favoriteplaceintheworld #californialife

@malejandro2186: We’re on top of the world!!! #parcguell #españa #spain #barcelona #favoriteplaceintheworld #complete…

@MarissaGrimsley: Springboro makes me remember what it was like to be carefree and happy.. #favoriteplaceintheworld


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