6 Reasons to Study Abroad


Studying abroad is easily one of the best decisions I have made in my college career.  After coming home I have done my best to persuade my friends that they NEED to go! If your debating the issue I encourage you to just do it!  If you need a little more convincing read my blot post to find out why studying abroad will change your life!

1.  It will actually change your life.  No really. When else will you live in a foreign country, be forced to experience new things, meet new people, and live a totally different life from the one you are used to.

2.  You will learn about yourself.  Being abroad allows you to find out who you are.  You can test yourself and see what you are actually capable of.  Being away from your family and friends lets you find out who you are without these people.  You can remove yourself from any bad habits, labels, and negative opinions and feel free to just be you!


3.  You’ll see the world from a new perspective.  It will broaden your outlook and force you to see things from a different viewpoint.  Studying abroad takes you out of your comfort zone.  You will have to keep an open mind and adapt your attitudes to new experiences.  Studying abroad allowed me to be a more empathetic and less selfish person.  Rather than always thinking my way was the right way, I had to learn new behaviors and customs.  I had the opportunity to really think about how I treated others and my beliefs on the world.

4.  You get to see the COOLEST things.  No matter what country you chose to study in you will see sites that are spectacularly and magnificently different from what you know.  I was fortunate enough to see both Australia and New Zealand while I was abroad.  It was absolutely breath taking.  Pictures cannot due it justice.


5.  You’ll make the greatest friends.  When you are out of your comfort zone and experiencing so many new things you bond with the people around you.  You’ll form lasting friendships with people from all over the world.  How cool is it to  know that you have friends to visit in states and countries you’ve never been to before!

6.  When you come home, you will see the world around you differently.  You will appreciate the people in your life more.  You’ll see the ordinary as extraordinary, and take advantage of all the opportunities you have around you.



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